Elvis Baby Ibru: Navigating Cinematic Success with Serenity and Impactful Silence 

WEAVING a captivating narrative that spans across the realms of theatre, broadcasting, and motherhood, Elvina Baby Ibru, the astute Chief Executive Officer of 2wice As Nice Limited, stands as a distinguished figure. As the daughter of the late Olorogun Ibru, the first among his seven siblings, she obviously inherited a legacy that had shaped her remarkable journey.

From her enchanting childhood steeped in the magic of musical theatre to gracing London’s West-End stages, Elvina’s story unfolds with prodigious talent and passion.

Her artistic journey, ignited by a Zulu play titled – Ipi ‘N Tombi in 1977 – transitioned seamlessly from speech and drama distinctions to acting at the National Youth Music Theatre in England.

Beyond the spotlight, Elvina distinguishes herself as an equalizer, emphasizing the importance of respect in marriage while advocating for women’s due esteem.

Her cinematic ventures and radio career including her tenure with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), paved the way for her role as the CEO of 2wice As Nice Limited.

In the world of arts, Elvina’s educational foundation plays a pivotal role, shaping her unique perspectives and cinematic ventures. Her foray into the movie industry was actually driven by a quest to uncover influences and passions within her, showcasing a multifaceted persona beyond conventional fame-seeking.

Addressing the complexities of marriage, Elvina’s upbringing in a polygamous setting influences her views, yet, she remains open to potential shift in perspective as he advances in age.

Her corporate climb is also marked by triumphs over numerous challenges, molding her into the accomplished woman she is today.

Reflecting on her journey, Elvina surmised: “I must acknowledge the transformative nature of acting which helps one to gain insights while living a quieter life that is focused on impacting the needy through inaudible humanitarian gestures.

“With vital lessons learned, my current cinematic endeavours are visible on platforms like DSTV and Netflix, which reflect my directional aspirations, setting the stage for a captivating narrative that blends theatre, and broadcasting and motherhood into a symphony of talent and resilience.”

And then she quips, “I must not forget to tell you that my son is my world.”

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