Canada Plans to Reduce Temporary Foreign Worker Intake -Immigration Minister

CANADA is poised to enact significant changes to its temporary foreign worker programme, as announced by the country’s Immigration Minister, Marc Miller.

This decision marks a departure a departure from the country’s previous lenient immigration stance.

Under this new strategy, Ottawa aims to decrease the proportion of temporary residents to five percent of the total population within the next three years, down from the current 6.2 percent, which amounts to approximately 2.5 million individuals.

Minister Miller emphasized a recent surge in the influx of temporary residents, citing concerns about its impact on the nation. While acknowledging the importance of temporary foreign workers in addressing labour shortages, he stressed the need for improvements to streamline the system’s efficacy.

The proposal adjustment comes amidst Canada’s population growth driven by high immigration rates, which are beginning to outpace job creation. This surge also encompasses international students, foreign workers filling employment gaps, and individuals displaced by conflicts and natural disasters.

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