Transforming Climate Action: CBA18 Conference Set to Redefine Adaptation Strategies

FROM May 6th to 9th, 2024, Arusha, Tanzania will host the 18th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA18). The significant event aims to convene practitioners committed to reshaping the climate solutions by empowering communities to drive climate action.

The CBA series serves as a crucial platform for sharing insights on community-based adaptation systems and exploring the capital implementation of Locally-Led Adaptation principles. With a focus on skill-building, knowledge exchange, and networking, the conference promises four days of dynamic discussions and interactive sessions aimed at advancing climate action.

Unlike previous editions, CBA18 introduces a flexible thematic structure, reflecting participant feedback and the evolving landscape of climate challenges.

Emphasizing themes such as climate finance, policy, nature-based solutions, and innovation, the conference also encourages critical reflections on ‘decolonizing climate action’ and fostering ‘locally-led innovation and adaptation’.

Decolonization conversations initiated in previous conferences have underscored enduring impact of colonial legacies on vulnerability, resource management and adaptation efforts.

CBA18 aims to delve deeper into these issues, acknowledging the pivotal role of indigenous knowledge and local perspectives in challenging colonial mindsets and shaping effective adaptation strategies.

Furthermore, the conference shines a spotlight on ‘locally-led’ innovation, emphasizing grassroots solutions informed by indigenous knowledge and lived experiences. By fostering community-driven innovation, CBA18, aims to co-create adaptive strategies that are contextually relevant and inclusive.

Sessions at CBA18 are structured around thought-provoking questions, encouraging participants to explore diverse topics related to decolonization and locally-led innovation. Through inclusive dialogue and collaboration, the conference prioritizes the voices and experiences of frontline practitioners over traditional experts and officials.

CBA conferences have a proven track record of fostering collaboration and driving tangible outcomes in climate adaptation. From influencing policy endorsements to facilitating grassroots initiatives, the agency serves as a catalyst for transformative change at local and global events.

With registration currently open, interested participants are urged to commit to the opportunity to engage in this vital conversation so they can contribute to shaping the future of climate action, in addition to ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for all stakeholders committed to community-driven adaptations solutions.

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