Global Peace Hinges on Parliamentary Diplomacy – Akpabio

SPEAKING at the 149th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and Related Meetings in Geneva, Switzerland, Nigerian Senate President, Godswill Akpabio, emphasized the pivotal role of congressional diplomacy in achieving world peace and resolving conflicts.

Akpabio, also the chairman of Nigeria’s National Assembly, underscored the significance of intensifying efforts in parliamentary diplomacy during his address on Sunday. He stressed that while Nigeria has made strides in this arena, there’s still room for improvement.

Highlighting the multifaceted role of the Nigerian Parliament, Akpabio noted its effectiveness in legislative actions aimed at curbing polarization and ensuring peace. He cited instances where the Legislature mediated conflicts between non-governmental organizations and the government, as well as disputes involving labour unions.

During his presentations, Akpabio shared the initiatives undertaken by the 10th National Assemble under his leadership, emphasizing the importance of collective action is shaping a better future amid global challenges.

He urged for unity in addressing issues of polarization along various lines, including political, ethnic, gender, religious or racial divisions.

Reflecting on Nigeria’s diverse cultural landscape, Akpabio acknowledged both the strengths and challenges posed by such diversity. He commended legislative milestones like the “Not Too Young to Run” Bill, aimed at fostering youth and women’s participation in governance, as well as Nigeria’s contributions to international peacekeeping efforts.

Moreover, Akpabio highlighted the role of parliamentary friendship groups in strengthening international ties and promoting democracy and good governance. He emphasized the importance of preventing diplomacy in conflict resolution and peace-building, advocating for dialogue and cooperation among nations.

While acknowledging the achievements of the Nigerian Parliament in upholding international commitments and holding the government accountable, Akpabio called for greater progress in parliamentary diplomacy and peace-building capacities worldwide.

In concluding his address, Akpabio invoked the words of Martin Luther King, Jr, emphasizing the interconnectedness of humanity and the collective responsibility to build a brighter future. He urged collaboration and unity in the pursuit of a more equitable and peaceful world, emphasizing that it is the legacy owed to future generations as noted in a press statement signed by the Jackson Udom, special assistant on media to the President of the 10th Senate in Nigeria.  

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