President Tinubu Shuns 72nd Birthday Bash, Calls for Charity Amid National Crisis

NIGERIA’s President Bola Tinubu has made a significant decision ahead of his 72nd birthday on Friday March 29th, 2024.

Rather, he opts to forgo any celebratory events amidst the current challenges facing Nigeria.

In a statement released by the Special Adviser on Information and Strategy, Bayo Onanuga, President Tinubu urged associated and well-wishers not to organize any festivities on his behalf, but rather to channel any planned tributes towards charitable causes.

The statement notes that this new move echoes the president’s gestures of humility and solidarity during national crises.; recalling that notably in 2022, Tinubu cancelled his 70th birthday to honour victims of the Kaduna train attack, and in 2023, he replaced his 71st birthday colloquium with prayers for the country.

Given the recent tragic events, including the loss of military and police personnel in Delta State and escalating security breaches across Nigeria, President Tinubu emphasized the need for solemn reflection and concerted efforts towards national stability and unity.

He encouraged individuals intending to express their goodwill through advertisements to redirect their contributions to charitable organizations, reflecting his commitment to service and community welfare.

Despite acknowledging the valiant efforts of the armed forces, particularly in securing the release of kidnaped children in Kaduna and Sokoto States, the president underscored his dedication to the ongoing mission of fostering a more secure, prosperous and united Nigeria.

He noted as Nigeria grapples with multifaceted challenges, President Tinubu’s decision not only sets a tone of empathy and responsibility but also underscores the importance of collective actions in addressing pressing societal issues.

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