Killing of Soldiers: Military Declares Eight Suspect Wanted

By Olaide Ajibola, JKNMedia Reporter

IN A decisive move following the tragic killing of 17 soldiers in Delta State, the Defence Headquarters has declared eight individuals wanted.

The announcement, made via a statement posted on the Nigerian Army’s official page, today, Thursday, March 28th, signifies a significant step in the ongoing investigation into the heinous attack.

The victims, including a Commanding Officer of the 181 Army Amphibious Battalion, two Majors, one Captain, and 13 Soldiers, fell victims to an ambush reportedly orchestrated by suspected residents of the Okuama community.

The soldiers were responding to a distress call stemming from a clash between Okuama and Ikoloba communities in the South-southern state when they were ambushed and brutally murdered.

Subsequently, the Defense Headquarters has released the names of the wanted individuals, urging anyone with information of their whereabouts to come forward:

  1. Akevwru Omotegbono (aka Amagbem)
  2. Prof Ekpekpo Arthut
  3. Andaowein Dennis Bakriri
  4. Igoli Ebi
  5. Akata Malawa David
  6. Sinclear Oliki
  7. Clement Ikolo Oghenerukevwe
  8. Reuben Baru

The Army notes that the declaration of these individuals as wanted underscores the military’s determination to bring those responsible for the attack to justice and restore peace to the affected communities.

It also encouraged citizens to cooperate with the law enforcement authorities to ensure that those culpable are apprehended swiftly.  

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