Unemployment Driving Surge in Kidnappings, Pa OBJ Expresses Concerns

By Olaide Ajibola, JKNMedia Reporter

FORMER President Olusegun Obasanjo has attributed the escalating rates of banditry and kidnappings in Nigeria to rampant unemployment, urging for urgent measures to address the issue.

Speaking at the 9th International Trade Exhibition & Conference on Agrofood, Plastics, Printing and Packaging in Lagos on Tuesday, Obasanjo emphasized the correlation between unemployment and insecurity in the country.

“Of course, if we are able to achieve this, it will improve our security. Part of our insecurity are men and women that are not properly engaged,” Obasanjo remarked.

He stressed the importance of providing employment opportunities to mitigate the involvement of individuals in criminal activities such as banditry and kidnapping.

The former president, known for his passion for agriculture, advocated for the promotion of agribusiness as a means to enhance food security, and employment generation.

“A friend of mine said to me, you must be a madman. I asked him what he meant, and he said if I was not a madman, I would not have gone into agriculture. So, I am a madman for agriculture,” Obasanjo mused.

He stressed the significance of addressing food security concerns, emphasizing the need to reduce post-harvest losses and ensure availability, affordability, and accessibility of food across the nation.

“Almost 40 percent of our food go to waste after cultivation. So, food security and nutrition security make agribusiness important,” Pa OBJ emphasized.

Obasanjo’s remarks came amidst growing concerns over the security situation in Nigeria, with widespread calls for comprehensive measures to tackle the root causes of insecurity including unemployment and poverty.

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