Leaders Celebrate Tinubu’s 72nd Birthday Amid Acclaim and Humility

By Joke Kujenya

IN THE MIDST of accolades and well-wishes from across Nigeria’s political spectrum, President Bola Tinubu quietly observed his 72nd birthday with characteristic humility, shunning celebratory fanfare and directing well-wished to donate to charity instead.

Immediate past president, Muhammadu Buhari, Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the Senate President, Godwill Akpabio, State Governors and other dignitaries lauded Tinubu’s leadership and contributions to Nigeria’s development.

President Buhari, acknowledging Tinubu’s enduring commitment to Nigeria’s progress, praised his administration’s efforts in overcoming challenges.

Governor Sanwo-Olu hailed Tinubu’s financial acumen, citing his impact and crediting him for elevating Lagos State to economic prominence.

In his brief but heartfelt message, Senate president Akpabio praised President Tinubu as a transformational leader, lauding his dedication to democracy and nation-building. He extended wishes for good health and more prosperity, acknowledging Tinubu’s pivotal role in shaping Nigeria’s political landscape.

Tinubu’s steadfast commitment to Nigeria’s advancement also garnered more praise with leaders highlighting his role in steering the nation through diverse challenges.

Similarly, other leaders including Rivers State Gov Siminalayi Fubabra, Cross River Gov Otu and Speaker, House of Represenatives, Abbas Tajudeen, lauded Tinubu’s leadership and vision, emphasizing his pivotal role in Nigeria’s democratic growth.

Gov Out described Tinubu as a courageous leader committed to reshaping Nigeria’s socioeconomic landscape, expressing admiration for his exceptional leadership qualities and wishes him a special birthday, recognizing him as a rare gift to the nation.

The president’s decision to forego elaborate celebrations resonated with his past acts of compassion during the challenging times. Notably, on previous birthdays, Tinubu canceled festivities to honour victims of crises, demonstrating his empathy and leadership tenet.

Reflecting on Tinubu’s tenure, observers note his resilience in navigating crises, paralleling his tenure as Lagos State Governor. Despite initial economic hardships, his administration’s bold reforms are now yielding positive outcomes, with indicators such as currency appreciation and increased capital importation signaling progress.

Tinubu’s proactive measures, including refusal to pay ransom for abducted schoolchildren and initiatives like Pulaku, a Fulani word meaning “to be shy” as a non-kinetic solution to address the grievances and social exclusion of the Fulbe clan in the northwest towards reaching the root causes of all the banditry and insurgency in the nation; underscore his commitment to national security and unity,

His administration’s focus on palliative measures and agricultural revitalization reflects his pragmatic approach to addressing citizens’ needs.

As Nigeria also grapples with economic complexities, his well-wishers note that Tinubu’s leadership is increasingly defined by empathy, strategic decision-making and a steadfast commitment to overall national development.

So, amidst all the acclaims mingled with challenges, his 72nd birthday is described as heralding a continued legacy of service and pliability.

Basking in the praise and recognition from all and sundry across the nation, we also extend warm wishes to our President Bola Tinubu on his 72nd birthday and pray that his unwavering dedication to Nigeria’s progress continue to inspire, and may he be blessed with health, wisdom, and continued success in his national endeavours.

Happy 72nd Birthday to you, Mr. President, sir.

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