Easter: Tinubu Commends Nigerians for Sacrifices, Promises Prosperity

By Joke Kujenya

IN A heartfelt address to the nation, President Bola Tinubu has expressed gratitude to Nigerians for their unwavering sacrifices during the initial months of his administration.

Emphasizing his commitment to steering the country towards recovery and sustainable growth, President Tinubu assured citizens that their patience will soon yield abundant fruits.

Delivering his message on the occasion of Easter, President Tinubu hailed the significance of the holiday as a celebration of life’s triumph over death.

He extended warm greetings to Christians both in Nigeria and across the globe, highlighting love, sacrifice, and compassion as central themes of the season.

According to a statement by presidential spokesman, Anjuri Ngelale, President Tinubu underscored the importance of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, urging leaders and citizens alike to embrace selflessness and compassion.

He reiterated the needs for unity, peace and prosperity in the nation, echoing the sentiments of Easter’s profound lessons.

“I strongly commend Nigerians for the sacrifices they have made in the past few months,” President Tinubu remarked, affirming that the seeds of patience sown by the populace are beginning to bear fruit.

He urged fellow Christians to celebrate the victory of life over death, drawing inspiration from the resurrection of Christ.

Assuring all citizens of Nigeria’s eventual triumph over challenges, President Tinubu reaffirmed his administrations’ unwavering commitment to national progress and prosperity, saying that with hope on the horizon and determination, Nigerians should continue to march forward.

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