First Lady Confident in Husband’s Transformative Vision

By Jemimah Wellington, JKNMedia Reporter

THE First Lady of Nigeria, Senator Oluremi Tinubu has voiced confidence in her husband, President Bola Tinubu’s commitment to uplifting the nation.

At an Iftar gathering attended by former first ladies, governors’ wives and dignitaries, Mrs Tinubu expressed optimism about Nigeria’s future under her husband’s leadership.

Speaking to the gathering, she reiterated President Tinubu’s dedication to enacting reforms that will drive positive change across the country. According to her special adviser on media, Mrs. Busola Kukoyu, Mrs Tinubu emphasized her husband’s determination to elevate Nigeria to greater heights during his tenure.

Mrs. Tinubu stressed that President Tinubu is resolute in his efforts to improve the nation, ensuring that Nigeria progresses under his administration. She affirmed: “Mr. President will do all it takes to make Nigeria better, that even when we live here, we will go back to a better Nigeria.”

Acknowledging the importance of collective responsibility in nation-building, the First Lady urged everyone to contribute to Nigeria’s development. We all have tasks to do to get this nation back on track,” she remarked.

Mrs. Tinubu also praised the government’s ongoing social investment programmes, highlighting their effectiveness in address societal challenges, commending the progress made and the positive impact of these initiatives.

The gathering, attended by former first ladies of Nigeria, female justices, wives of governors, female ministers, wives of ministers, and wives of service chiefs, concluded with prayers for the nation’s well-being and the success of President Tinubu’s administration.

Throughout her remarks, Mrs. Tinubu conveyed optimism and a sense of purpose, echoing her husband’s commitment to advancing Nigeria’s prosperity and ensuring a better future for her citizens.

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