Junior Pope’s Tragic Boat Mishap: Eye-witness Reveals Wreckless Maneuvering

By Joke Kujenya

A HEART-wrenching incident unfolded in Anambra State, that claimed popular Nollywood actor, Junior Pope, lost his life in a devastating boat mishap.

An eye-witness, identified as Stanley, recounted the tragic sequence of events, shedding light on the reckless actions that led to the fatal collision between two boats.

According to Stanley, a movie producer who was present during the incident, the tragedy occurred as they were returning from a movie shoot. He vividly described how two boat drivers, in an attempt to impress and show off, engaged in reckless maneuvers reminiscent of a James Bond movie scene.

“The boat drivers were swerving recklessly on the water in an attempt to be spectacular and show off,” Stanley explained in a live video posted on Instagram.

“Their reckless antics led to a collision between our two boats, resulting in the devastating loss of Junior Pope’s life and other crew members.”

Highlighting the absence of life jackets onboard, Stanley underscored the negligence that heightened the tragedy. He revealed that life jackets are typically hired from another group, but the speed boat operators failed to equip themselves with these essential safety gear.

As the grim reality of the accident unfolded, Junior Pope’s wife, Jennifer Awele, was called to the scene where she witnessed the heartbreaking sight of her husband’s lifeless body being retrieved from the river.

Despite efforts to locate missing individuals, the toll of the mishap remained staggering. Painting a sobering picture of the devastating consequences of reckless behaviour on the waterways, Stanley said the tragic loss of Junior Pope serves as a poignant reminder of the important safety precautions and responsible conduct, particularly in high-risk environments.

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