Junior Pope and Crew Members’ Tragic Boat Mishap, AGN Issues Stern Measures

By Joke Kujenya

ACTORS Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has been rocked by the tragic news as the National President, Emeka Rollas, confirmed the passing of renowned Nollywood actor, John Paul Odonwodo, widely known as ‘John Pope after attempts by two different hospitals to resuscitate him.’

The distressing incident occurred as Junior Pope and three other colleagues were returning from a movie shoot via boat, tragically capsizing in Anam River, Anambra, on Wednesday.

Rollas took to Instagram on Thursday to share the heartbreaking news, expressing deep sorrow: “It is so sad that our joy was short-lived. God knows the best. We finally lost him.”

While Junior Pope’s body has been identified, the search continues for the remaining three crew members.

Junior Pope, who began his acting career in 2006, gained prominence after his role in the 2007 blockbuster “Secret Adventure” directed by Tchidi Chikere, with over 150 movies to his credit, he was celebrated for portraying diverse character, notably in roles as a criminal, villain, armed robber and hitman.

His accolades include the Nollywood Most Promising Actor in Nigeria award (2010) and recognition at prestigious events like the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards and Africa Movie Academy Awards.

In reacting to this tragedy, the AGN has declared Thursday as “No Shoot Day” nationwide and halted all film production involving riverine areas and boat rides. Additionally, actors are prohibited from participating in any film produced by Adamma Luke, pending further notice.

The statement from the AGN President, Rollas emphasized the gravity of the situation, extending condolences to the families of the deceased and calling for a halt in filming activities, adding: “May their souls rest in peace.”

Initially, the news spread confusion when Rollas erroneously shared a post on social media claiming that Junio Pope survived and was receiving treatment.

However, this was later reiterated amidst the somber reality of his unfortunate passing.

Consequently, the AGN intensified some measures such as:

  • Adamma Luke, the producer of the movie involved in the accident has been blacklisted by the AGN.
  • The AGN announced the suspension of all shooting activities in all locations nationwide effective immediately;
  • This suspension particularly affects films that involve riverine and boat riding, which are suspended indefinitely.
  • The film titled ‘Another Side of Life’ is suspended indefinitely.
  • AGN explicitly permits no actor to work with Adamma Luke as a producer till further notice.

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