Young Innovator Introduces Digital Traffic Light Solution to Ease Congestion

By Helen Okechukwu, JKNMedia Reporter

IN RESPONSE to the persistent challenge of traffic congestion plaguing Port Harcourt and others areas of the state, young innovator Smith Ndukaeze has devised a groundbreaking solution: a digital traffic light aimed at alleviating gridlock.

The issue of traffic congestion has long troubled both residents and investors alike, prompting individuals like Ndukaeze to seek viable solutions.

Drawing on his technical expertise, Ndukaeze has developed Automated Traffic Booth (ATB), a revolutionary system designed to streamline traffic flow.

Having undergRone rigorous testing, Ndukaeze’s invention has received official approval from key authorities, including the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), the police, and the Rivers State Government.

The genesis of Ndukaeze’s innovation dates back to 2019 when the ATB was first trailed in Port Harcourt, specifically along the Tombia GRA Road area. Although temporarily removed during road maintenance, its efficacy was unmistakable.

Ndukaeze is poised to unveil his creation on April 24, at Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (AUE), in Rumuolumeni, the state capital.

Speaking with journalists, Ndukaeze detailed the features of the ATB, which boasts both manual and automatic light systems, as well as surveillance cameras and vehicle license plate tracking capabilities.

He emphasized that these features are poised to significantly mitigate traffic congestion around the clock, with future plans including the integration of solar systems for sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Ndukaeze also highlighted the potential for job creation, particularly among youth and job seekers in the state, which could contribute to revenue.

In expressing gratitude, Ndukaeze acknowledged the support of Professor Okey Onochukwu, IAUE Vice Chancellor, whose encouragement has been instrumental in his journey, as he appealed to the state government for collaboration to facilitate the widespread deployment of the ATB across various locations in the state in his endeavours to effect positive change.

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