Okuama 17: Delta Gov Assures Safe Return of Fleeing Indigenes Following Crisis

By Helen Okechukwu, JKNMedia Reporter

RESPONDING to the crisis triggered by the killing of 17 officers and soldiers on March 14, 2024, Delta State Governor Sheriff Obovrewori embarked on a visit to the community offering assurances for the safe return of the indigenes who fled in fear.

Accompanied by Commander 63 Brigade, Brig-Gen Unachukwu Ugochukwu, and other top government officials, the governor’s journey from Warri to Okuama took over one hour and twenty minutes.

During the visit, he emphasized that innocent citizens should not suffer for events beyond their control.

The tragic incident had prompted residents of Okuama to flee out of fear of further violence. Addressing journalists at the community, Oborevwori stated: “We have followed due process in the whole incident, saying the people have been buried and the King that was detained has been released yesterday and today, I am here to see what happened in Okuama community.”

Expressing dismay over the killings, he continued, “The Okuama 17 is something that we didn’t expect to happen because it is against our bargain for peace and security which I promised Deltans that we are going to enhance.”

Acknowledging the support of federal authorities, including the President, Chief of Army Staff, and Chief of Defense of Defence Staff, Oborevwori assured Okuama residents that efforts were underway to facilitate their safe return.

He emphasized: “There is no point running away from your community. We are going to bring you back to your community. It’s only those that are involved in the military are looking for.”

Obovrewori said his visit is aimed to foster cooperation between the community and the military in resolving the crisis effectively and ensuring the reintegration of displaced persons.

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