NDLEA Cautions: “Don’t Pick Others’ Luggage, You Could be Accused of Drug Possession”

By Helen Okechukwu, JKNMedia Reporter

THE National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has issued a stern warning to travelers against picking up luggage that doesn’t belong to them while on the move.

Femi Babafemi, the agency’s director of media and advocacy, conveyed this cautionary message through social media channels on Sunday.

His advisory follows a recent incident reported by “The Elites Time,” where two students, en route to study abroad, found themselves in a predicament.

According to the NDLEA, the students, one of whom is a PhD candidate, unwittingly became carriers of codeine syrup after assisting a female friend with her luggage,

“A PhD student and another student studying abroad got into custody because of bottles of codeine syrup were found in the luggage they picked for their female friend abroad,” the statement outlined.

The agency emphasized the repercussions of such actions, stressing that the students narrowly avoided imprisonment thanks to NDLEA’s intervention.

In a video shared on the agency’s media platforms, NDLEA showcased an interception where a truck purportedly transporting spare parts was found to be concealing bags of opioids, adding that the truck’s journey originated from Onitsha and was headed to Mubi in Adamawa.

The NDLEA’s warning, according to Babafemi, underscores the importance of vigilance and discretion while handling luggage during travel, as inadvertent associations with illicit substances could have severe legal consequences.

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