Dana Air Successfully Evacuated After Runway Incident at Lagos Airport

By Jemimah Wellington, JKNMedia Reporter

A DANA airplane from Abuja encountered a runway mishap upon landing at Lagos airport, Tuesday morning, narrowly averting a potential tragedy.

Witnesses reported the aircraft skidding off the runway amidst wet conditions, possibly due to dawn rainfall in the area.

The incident, reminiscent of a recent mishap in Port Harcourt involving a Dana plane, had the nation holding its breath.

Memories of the 2012 Dana Air Crash in Lagos, which claimed numerous lives, added to the anxiety surrounding the situation.

However, Dana Air swiftly addressed concerns, confirming that all 83 passengers and crew on board the flight were safely evacuated without any injuries.

The airline also commended its crew for their professionalism in managing the situation and extended gratitude to airport authorities for their prompt response.

In the statement issued, Dana Air also expressed regret over the incident and assured the public that safety remained its utmost priority.

It says that the aircraft involved in the incident has been grounded for further investigation, with cooperation pledged to relevant authorities to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the runway incursion.

Despite the unsettling event, Dana management asserts that the successful evacuation of passengers on board without harm stands as a proof to their effectiveness in emergency procedures and the commitment to passenger safety within the aviation industry.

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