Traders Seek Resolution as Fubara Addresses Market Inferno Aftermath

By Helen Okechukwu, JKNMedia Reporter

RIVERS State Governor Siminalaye Fubara has engaged traders affected by the 2013 inferno at the Mile One Market, stating that only a few would ultimately secure shops following the ongoing verification exercise.

The governor’s declaration came after shop owners from the widely known Mile One Rumuwoji Market Phase 2 Genuine, staged a protest at the Government House in Port Harcourt on Monday.

Representing the governor, George Nwaeke, the Head of Rivers State Civil Service, welcome the aggrieved traders, appealing for calmness and assured them that necessary steps had been taken to address the issue of shop allocation.

Governor Fubara urged the traders to cooperate with the Rivers State Government Reconciliation Committee (RSGRC) overseeing lockup shops at Mile One, Rumuwoji Market, instructing them to present evidence of rightful occupancy during the verification process to reclaim their shops.

Mrs. Ibiwari Clapton-Ogolo, Chairman of RSGRC at Mile One urged traders to adhere to government directives to prevent the loss of occupancy.

Responding, Mr. Wario Soberekon, speaking on behalf of the group, expressed initial skepticism about the process of reclaiming their shops, given the circumstances following the 2013 inferno.

Soberekon appealed to the governor, asserting that as the rightful owners of the shops, they should not be subjected to balloting or any competitive qualifying exercise to regain their shops.

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