Governor Reveals Plans to Tackle Flooding Woes in Warri

By Helen Okechukwu, JKNMedia Reporter

DELTA Governor Sheriff Oborevwori, announced on Thursday the imminent awarding of contact aimed at addressing the president flooding issues plaguing Warri Stadium and its surroundings.

During a recent inspection of discharge channels at Ogbe-Ijoh market, Oborevwori expressed concern over the obstruction of drains around the stadium caused by refuse buildup. He emphasized the necessity of clearing these blockages to ensure proper drainage.

In a stern tone, he criticized the construction of building on waterways, declaring that such structures would be demolished to facilitate unimpeded water flow.

“We started from the Warri Township stadium to Bowen Avenue to the Ogbe-Ijoh market. For years, we have been having flooding issue in this area which has been affecting the stadium and the environs,” he cautioned.

He then highlighted the urgency of the situation, outlining plans to construct drains and box culverts to redirect water flow towards Bowen Avenue and the Warri River.

Acknowledging the challenges posed by the rugged terrain, the governor commended Levant Construction Company for their efforts in desilting the waterways, which he personally inspected.

“It is a difficult terrain and people have already built on waterways, all the buildings on the waterways would be removed. You can see clearly that people are dumping refuse on the drains, thereby hindering the flow of the water,” he explained.

Governor Oborevwori then reiterated his commitment to addressing the root causes of flooding in the area, expressing confidence that once the desilting process is completed, water flow will be restored to alleviate the longstanding issue.

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