NUJ Stress Press Freedom on WPFD 2024

By Blessing Obam, JKNMedia Reporter

WORLD Press Freedom Day (WPFD), observed on May 3, usually honours the essential tenets of press freedom, advocates for journalists’ rights, and highlights the significance of an unfettered media in democratic settings.

This year’s focus, “A Press for the Planet: Journalism in the Face of the Environmental Crisis,” accentuates journalists’ pivotal role in addressing environmental issues and advocating sustainability.

Aligning with the global commemoration, the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) reaffirms its dedication to upholding press freedom fostering ethical journalism and safeguarding journalists’ rights and safety nationwide.

The NUJ described environmental crisis as a paramount concern demanding urgent attention due to its far-reaching repercussions, adding that journalists are instrumental in raising awareness, facilitating discourse, and spurring action to combat environmental challenges.

Consequently, the NUJ President, Dr. Chris Isiguzo, for the WPFD, stresses that;

  • Press Freedom:Protect Journalists’ rights to work without censorship, harassment, or violence, crucial for democracy and accountability.
  • Environmental Reporting: Prioritizes coverage of environmental issues, holding entities accountable for their contributions to environmental degradation.
  • Solutions and Action:Showcase innovative solutions and grassroots initiatives to address the environmental crisis and promote sustainability.
  • Collaboration: Foster partnerships to enhance the impact of environmental reporting and address complex challenges.
  • Journalists’ Safety: Ensure journalists reporting on sensitive topics, including the environment, receive necessary support and protection.

Isiguzo states that as the world marks the WPFD, “Let us recommit to defending press freedom, advocating ethical journalism, and leveraging media power to safeguard our planet and foster a sustainable future.”

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