President Tinubu to Unveil Major Gas Infrastructure

By Jemimah Wellington, JKNMedia Reporter

TOWARDS boosting Nigeria’s economy, President Bola Tinubu is poised to unveil three pivotal gas infrastructure projects to harness gas to propel fiscal growth.

These initiatives, spearheaded by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL) and its partners, mark a significant stride in the nation’s strategy to capitalize on its gas reserves while curbing flaring.

The imminent commissioning of these projects stresses the administration’s dedication to fortifying the domestic gas supply, a linchpin for fostering economic prosperity in the country.

The trio of projects slated for inauguration comprises:

  • AHL Gas Processing Plant 2 (GPP – 2) – 200mmsc/d: Expanding upon the existing Kwale Gas Processing Plant (GPP – 1), this facility is engineering process 200MMscf/d of rich gas, augmenting the current supply to domestic market. Operated by AHL Limited, a joint venture between NNPC Limited and SEEPCO, this expansion promises to bolster industrialization in Nigeria, additionally producing significant quantities of Propane and Butane, thereby reducing reliance on LPG imports.
  • ANOH Gas Processing Plant (AGPC) – 300Mscf/d: Situated in Imo State, the ANOH gas plant in tailored to process non-associated gas from the Assa North-Ohaji South field. Developed by ANOH Gas Processing Company, a collaboration between NNPC Limited and Seplat Energy Plc, this integrated facility will substantially enhance domestic gas supply, fueling heightened power generation and industrial advancement through its output of dry gas, condensate and LPG.
  • ANOH-OB3 CTMS Gas Pipeline Project: This project encompasses the construction of a transmission pas pipeline spanning 36”x23.3km, facilitating the evacuation of dry gas from the Assa North-Ohaji South primary treatment facility to the OB3 Custody Transfer Metering Station. With an estimated capacity of 600MMscf/d, this pipeline, supported by AGPC & SPDC JV, will seamlessly integrate into the OB3 pipeline system, further notifying the nation’s gas infrastructure.

Upon their completion, these projects will expectedly augment domestic gas supply by approximately 500mmscfd/d, fostering a more conducive investment climate and fostering equitable economic expansion, heralding a new era of growth for Nigeria.

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