Senate Presudebt Urges Unity and Development in Akwa Ibom State

By Blessing Obam, JKNMedia Reporter

THE imperative of fostering unity across party lines for the state’s continued development and progress has been affirmed by the Senate President, Godswill Akpabio, to the Akwa Ibom State Governor, Pastor Umo Eno, urging the latter to refrain from inheriting his father’s enemies.

Describing the governor as a man of peace and a proponent of unity, Akpabio emphasized the dual nature of ruling and governing Akwa Ibom, stating, “Akwa Ibom is a very easy state to rule and govern but also a very difficult place to unite.”

The Senate President highlights the governor’s pivotal role in uniting the state, urging him to prioritize actions that promote unity and inclusivity.

Drawing from his own experience, Akpabio advised Governor Eno to appoint individuals to key positions without regard to political affiliations and to have the courage to change policies not in the state’s best interest.

He also urged the Akwa Ibom governor to adopt the qualities of a skilled surgeon in governance, combining bravery, compassion, and insight to navigate the complexities of leadership, emphasizing the importance of forging personal relationships and cautioned against inheriting past animosities.

Expressing admiration for Akwa Ibom’s development initiatives, Akpabio assured the governor of the federal government’s support, and pledged to advocate for his state’s interests in the National Assembly and encouraged Eno to prioritize sustainable development projects.

In extending gratitude to Akpabio, Governor Eno, said he accepted the important role of unity in achieving progress and pledged to work closely with federal authorities to advance the state’s agenda, while thanking them for their visit.

Eno expressed optimism about the future and reiterated his administration’s dedication to maintaining existing infrastructure while implementing new projects to drive growth and prosperity, with a reaffirmation of mutual cooperation between the federal ands tate governments, underlining the shared commitment to advancing his state.

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