Majority of Ibeju-Lekki-Epe Corridor Buildings Lack Government Approval

By Olaide Ajibola, JKNMedia Reporter

COMMISSIONER for Physical Planning and Urban Development in Lagos, Oluyinka Olumide, has disclosed that approximately 80 percent of structures in Ibeju-Lekki-Epe corridor lack government approval.

Olumide emphasised to journalists the persistent evasion of due property developers and owners despite the stringent procedures required for obtaining government approval.

The revelation comes amid ongoing criticism directed at Lagos State government over its demolition activities targeting buildings and shanties across the state.

Tokunbo Wahab, the Lagos Commissioner for Environment also reiterated that the demolished structures were erected in defiance of the city’s masterplan, as they were never sanctioned by relevant agencies, and obstructed drainage channels.

Commissioner Olumide highlighted recent observations made during a field visit to the Ibeju-Lekki and Epe axis, where numerous estates were found to lack official approval. He emphasized the procedural steps involved in obtaining approval, starting with the acquiring planning information regarding the zoning regulations for specific areas.

Despite these regulations designating the land for agricultural purposes, individuals have been purchasing such land without awareness of its designated use.

Further complicating matters, Olumide outlined the necessity of obtaining fence permits, which serve as a means of discerning the designated zoning of the area, emphasizing the layers of approval required, including layout permits for large tracts of lands.

Despite these regulations, some property developers proceed to advertise and even sell plots without obtaining the necessary approvals, leading to potential complications for unsuspecting buyers, including those residing abroad.

Ultimately, Olumide emphasized that even if individuals complete the required assignments and surveys, permits would not be granted if the area is not zoned for their intended purpose, and stressed that this shows the importance of adhering to regulatory protocols to ensure the legality and sustainability of development projects within the Ibeju-Lekki-Epe corridor and beyond in other areas of Lagos state.

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