AfDB Hails Ogun State as Key Partner in Development; SON Assures Safety Measures for CNG Trucks

By Blessing Obam, JKNMedia Reporter

OGUN STATE has been praised by the African Development Bank (AfDB) for its pivotal role in the implementation of development programmes and projects.

Professor Banji Oyelaran-Oyeyinka, the Special Adviser to the President of the Bank on Industrialization, lauded the state’s commitment during a recent meeting with Governor Dapo Abiodun at the Governor’s Office in Abeokuta.

The discussion primarily centered on the development of the Special Agro Industrial Processing Zone, with a focus on clarifying the subsidiary loan agreement between the state and the Federal Government. Professor Oyelaran-Oyeyinka expressed optimism about the future of the hub, including the Agricultural Transformation Centre, and emphasized the importance of collaboration to ensure its success.

In response, Commissioner for Agriculture, Mr. Bolu Owotomo, highlighted the significance of establishing multiple Agricultural Transformation Centres to supply raw materials to the Special Agro Industrial Processing Zone. He also noted ongoing efforts by the ministry to support farmers with inputs ahead of the farming season, as well as intensified capacity-building initiatives to educate smallholder farmers on climate-smart farming practices.

Meanwhile, the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) has taken proactive measures to enhance the safety of trucks transporting Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) following a recent explosion in Abeokuta.

Dr. Ifeanyi Chukwunoso Okeke, the Director General of SON, assured Governor Abiodun during a meeting at the Governor’s Office that safety standards for CNG operations will be launched on May 29, 2024.

Dr. Okeke reiterated the environmental benefits of CNG as a clean and cost-effective fuel alternative.

Expressing condolences to the affected families, Dr. Okeke pledged to investigate the causes of the incident to prevent future occurrences. He emphasized the federal government’s commitment to promoting CNG usage to drive the nation’s economy, assuring the public of safety measures to instill confidence in its utilization.

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