Microsoft Shuts Down Africa Development Centre in Nigeria, Job Losses Envisaged

By Jemimah Wellington, JKNMedia Reporter

MICROSOFT Corporation (MSFT.O) has confirmed its decision to close the Africa Development Centre located in Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos.

The company said this move, regrettably, is expected to result in job losses for employees based in the country.

The centre, which was established in 2022 as part of Microsoft’s efforts to provide advanced engineering and innovation solutions, has been a significant part of the company’s presence in the region.

While Microsoft stated its intention to continue operating in Nigeria and investing in strategic growth areas, the closure of the development centre signifies a significant shift in its operational strategy.

The decision was announced by a Microsoft spokesperson, who emphasized that organizational and workforce adjustments are routine aspects of managing the business.

The exact number of employees impacted by the closure has also not been disclosed by the company.

However, the spokesperson confirmed that affected workers will receive their full salaries until June and will continue to be covered by health insurance as the Microsoft has also pledged to mitigate the impact of the closure on its employees.

The Africa Development Centre was established with the goal of harnessing the region’s talent pool to create innovative technology solutions not only for Africa but for global markets.

With over 200 engineers primarily from Nigeria, the centre has been instrumental in developing digital solutions aimed at transforming various sectors across the continent.

The closure comes amid earlier announcements of Microsoft’s commitment to investing in Africa and leveraging local talent for global innovation.

However, the sudden decision to shut down the development centre has raised questions about the company’s long-term strategy in the region.

Despite assurances from Microsoft officials that the closure is part of normal organizational adjustments and not necessarily related to financial or economic conditions in Nigeria, the move has sparked concerns about the future of tech innovation and employment opportunities in the country.

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