Fubara Explicates Motives for Inspecting State Assembly Quarters and Road Project

By Jemimah Wellington, JKNMedia Reporter

RIVERS STATE Governor, Siminalayi Fubara, elucidated that his recent visit to the residential quarters of the State House of Assembly aimed to conduct an on-the-spot assessment of the structures’ condition as a move in preparation for potential rehabilitation efforts to restore its livability and status.

The governor provided these clarifications following his examination of the Emohua-Abalama-Tema Junction dual carriageway road project, spanning 15.24 kilometers, on Thursday.

Addressing reporters, Governor Fubara questioned, “Is the Assembly quarters not part of my property? Is there anything wrong in going to check how things are going on there? You are aware of the developments. We have a new speaker, and I went there to see for myself how things are. There might be a few things I might want to do there for the good of our people.”

During his visit, the governor undertook a walkthrough of the facility, expressing his intent to gain a comprehensive understanding of the necessary measures to render the quarters suitable for lawmakers.

Regarding the road project, he indicated that he was evaluating the progress made to determine any additional requirements for the road’s preparation ahead of its commissioning during his one-year anniversary.

Fubara remarked, “As a matter of fact, we added this section of the road as one of the projects we will be commissioning. So, I needed to see it myself, and what is remaining is just the lighting. By the grace of God, we will commission it.”

Highlighting the road project’s background and noting its inheritance from the previous administration, with a substantial portion of the cost being shouldered by his administration, he emphasized the decision to incorporate it as a project under his tenure, citing its significance for the welfare of the populace and the region’s security.

Fubara articulated, “Governance is all about the people. When the people are out of the centre of governance, then it is no longer governance. So, this road, as we all now know, was in a very bad state. A lot of criminal activities were being carried out here: kidnapping and all sorts of things. So, putting this road in order is appropriate.”

Further underscoring the importance of infrastructure improvements, Fubara remarked on the significant reduction in travel time resulting from the road’s refurbishment.

He reiterated his commitment to serving the people of Rivers State, particularly those of Kalabari descent, viewing his role as a conduit for delivering relief and advancement to the citizenry.

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