Maryland Supreme Court Removes Judge Over “Egregious” Misconduct

By Joke Kujenya

IN A SIGNIFICANT and rare move, the Maryland Supreme Court has ousted Circuit Court Judge April T. Ademiluyi from the Prince George’s County bench, citing what they described as “egregious” behaviour breaching the state’s code of judicial conduct.

The decision, delivered without an accompanying explanatory opinion, raises eyebrows and underscores the severity of the allegations against Ademiluyi.

The court’s ruling cited multiple instances where Ademiluyi allegedly violated various codes of conduct, including her interactions with jurors, impartiality, adherence to the law, and cooperation with disciplinary authorities.

However, the exact nature of these violations remains undisclosed pending the court’s promised detailed opinion.

Ademiluyi’s tenure on the bench has been marred by controversy since her election in 2020, marked by allegations of misconduct and clashes with judicial colleagues.

Her removal follows a protracted legal battle that unfolded publicly, tarnishing the image of the judiciary in Prince George’s County.

Ademiluyi, who campaigned as an independent challenger advocating for change within the courthouse, faced backlash from her colleagues shortly after assuming office.

Tensions escalated when she filed a whistleblower complaint against her supervisors, alleging hostility and sabotage.

In response to her removal, Ademiluyi has maintained that it stems from retaliation for her whistleblowing activity.

She has vehemently denied any wrongdoing and expressed disappointment over what she perceives as an unjust punishment for her efforts to address workplace issues.

The decision to remove Ademiluyi on the same day as her hearing before the justices, without a complete opinion, underscores the urgency to resolve the contentious situation swiftly.

Observers view this move as an attempt to mitigate damage to public confidence in the judiciary, which has been steadily eroded by the prolonged saga.

Ademiluyi’s ascent to the bench, characterized by her outsider status and grassroots campaign, added a layer of complexity to the unfolding drama.

Despite lacking endorsement from traditional channels, she secured victory by appealing directly to voters with promises of reform and advocacy for marginalized voices.

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