Obasanjo Applauds Adeleke’s Governance Rhythm

By Joke Kujenya

FORMER President Olusegun Obasanjo and Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State gracefully took center stage at the inauguration of a VIP lodge within the serene confines of the Osun Government House in Osogbo.

Amidst the ambiance of celebration and camaraderie, Obasanjo, with a fatherly demeanour, fondly acknowledged Adeleke as his “dancing partner,” a title bestowed upon the governor for his spirited dance moves, which have often captured the public’s attention.

In his candid address, seasoned with wisdom accrued over years of statesmanship, Obasanjo delivered both praise and counsel to the dancing governor.

With a twinkle in his eye, he reminisced about a past conversation where he jovially encouraged Adeleke to maintain his rhythmic exuberance but emphasized the paramount importance of governance.

“Don’t leave dancing, but as you are dancing, ensure you are working,” Obasanjo reiterated, highlighting the delicate balance between joyous expression and earnest duty.

Acknowledging the initial skepticism surrounding Adeleke’s leadership due to his affinity for dance, Obasanjo fervently defended his partner, asserting, “Only happy people dance; you are my dancing partner.”

However, amidst the rhythm and jubilation, Obasanjo underscored the significance of integrity and diligence in governance. “You have to be a man of character,” he admonished, urging Adeleke to let his actions speak louder than words, resonating with honesty and hard work.

With a nod of approval, Obasanjo commended Adeleke’s commitment to development initiatives within Osun State.

Reflecting on the tangible progress witnessed during his visit, Obasanjo hailed the governor’s efforts in infrastructure development, particularly in road construction.

“You are working on roads, don’t joke with it,” Obasanjo emphasized, reiterating the pivotal role of infrastructure in fostering economic prosperity and employment opportunities for the people.

In response, Governor Adeleke, with a blend of humility and determination, reaffirmed his administration’s unwavering dedication to serving the people of Osun State.

Expressing gratitude for the foundation laid by the previous administration, Adeleke pledged to uphold the legacy of good governance and prioritize the completion of essential projects for the common welfare of all residents.

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