Delta Government Demolishes Illegal Structures on University Lands

By Jemimah Wellington, JKNMedia Reporter

THE DELTA State Government commenced the demolition of illegal structures situated on lands belonging to Dennis Osadebay University in Anwai-Asaba, marking a significant crackdown on land encroachment.

Led by Chief Frank Omare, the State Taskforce on Recovery of Government Lands spearheaded the demolition of properties erected around the Musa Camp area, following the expiration of notices served to the illegal occupants.

Speaking to journalists during the operation, Chief Omare reiterated the government’s commitment to reclaiming unlawfully occupied lands across the state, emphasizing the imperative of upholding the rule of law.

“The area we are addressing now is designated for the Faculty of Agriculture of Dennis Osadebay University. Despite repeated warnings issued over the past five months, over 1000 individuals have encroached upon this land, erecting illegal structures with dubious approvals,” stated Omare.

He emphasized that the government’s actions aimed to restore order and prevent land speculation, signaling a broader initiative to address similar violations across various regions, including Federal College of Education Technical Asaba and Ughelli Township Stadium.

Omare dismissed claims of inadequate notice, affirming that stakeholders were duly informed through town hall meetings and other channels. He condemned the issuance of illegal building approvals on government lands, pledging to hold accountable any ministry officials involved.

Acknowledging challenges posed by expensive building materials and economic hardships, Omare urged vigilance among potential land buyers, advising them to verify property ownership before transactions.

Addressing concerns raised by affected students, Omare emphasized the university’s provision of alternative accommodations and urged landlords to uphold ethical standards.

Echoing Omare’s sentiments, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academics and Research, Professor Robert Oghenedoro Dode, condemned the impunity of land encroachers, affirming the university’s ownership of the contested land and rejecting claims of unauthorized sales.

Similarly, Deputy Vice Chancellor Administration, Professor Chukwuji Christopher, warned against further encroachments on government lands, asserting the government’s authority and commitment to enforcing land laws without discrimination.

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