Stampede at LASU Exam Centre Leaves Unconfirmed Number of Students Injured

By Damilare Adeleye, JKNMedia Reporter

A CHAOTIC stampede at Lagos State University (LASU), has left several students injured during a computer-based exam at the university’s main campus in Ojo on Saturday, May 11, 2024.

Video footage circulating on social media reveals the severity of the incident as students scrambled to enter the LASU-CBT Centre.

The turmoil erupted due to significant overcrowding at the examination venue, compounded by delays in the commencement of the MUS 213 exam.

The test, scheduled to be conducted in batches, saw an overwhelming number of students, as over 5,000 students were enrolled in the course, many of them second-year students who had borrowed the course.

Each student had paid a practical fee of N4,000 for registration.

A student witness, who spoke anonymously, described the scene: “The delay and lack of communication from the officials caused frustration among the students. When they sought answers, security personnel began using belts to disperse the crowd, leading to a panic-fueled rush. Many students were injured and some fainted. Numerous students had to be taken to the school hospital for treatment, with even the Vice-Chancellor visiting the medical center.”

Reports also indicate that more than seven students were injured in the stampede.

However, precise numbers remain unclear as official statements have varied.

Another student recounted his experience, emphasizing the disorganization and the impact of the incident: “We stood outside the CBT centre in the rain for over 30 minutes. The Theatre Arts students even tried to lighten the mood by dancing. But once the gate opened, everyone pushed to get inside, causing the stampede.”

The ordeal, marked by students falling and being trampled, has left a lasting impression on those involved.

Captured scenes from the video showing the stampede below

Another student also shared his experience on his social media platform X: “I was near the front of the line but got pushed to the middle. I fell into a gutter three times and was stepped on. The rain beat down on us, but I was determined to get home. I heard about several people fainting and others with broken bones.”

The incident has prompted calls for better infrastructure and organization at the university.

John Philo, another student, urged the administration to build more spacious CBT centers, highlighting the dangerous conditions they endured: “People fainting and getting injured while security personnel couldn’t restore order was infuriating. The school’s administration needs to consider a more convenient CBT center.”

In response, the Students’ Union issued a statement confirming the incident and postponing the exam until further notice.

Also, the union’s Public Relations Officer, Comrade Ibiade Benjamin, warned students against sharing details of the incident on social media to protect the school’s image.

When contacted for comment, the Students’ Union President, Tobun Dolapo, acknowledged the stampede but claimed that no students were injured.

Contradicting this, it was confirmed that the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ibiyemi Olatunji-Bello, along with the Lagos State Commissioner for Tertiary Education, Tolani Sule, visited the affected students at the medical center on Monday, May 13.

The university has yet to provide a detailed official account of the events or the number of injured students, leaving the community awaiting further clarification and measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

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