Adeleke Commends Globacom, Pledges Support for Osun Telecom

By Blessing Obam, JKNMedia Reporter

OSUN STATE Governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke, has commended Globacom’s significant contributions to Nigeria’s development, praising the company’s Chairman, Dr. Mike Adenuga, Jr., for his unwavering belief in the nation’s potential.

Addressing the telecom giant’s team, Adeleke emphasized the importance of fostering partnerships between telecom companies and state governments. “Even though the regulatory body is national, your market base remains the states and the local governments. You must deliberately prioritize partnership with the state government,” he asserted.

The governor highlighted the mutual benefits of such collaborations, urging the telecom sector to support state governments through timely tax payments and robust corporate social responsibility initiatives.

“The telecom community must understand that giving full support to the states in terms of payment of right taxes and corporate social responsibility is an investment in your market. The more robust the state governments are, the more buoyant your market will be,” Adeleke noted.

He lauded Dr. Adenuga as a “great Nigerian whose impact on the Nigerian and the African economy cannot be quantified,” and assured the Globacom team of his administration’s readiness to engage in fruitful business partnerships. “Be rest assured that this partnership is already a reality. We just need to work out the details,” the governor stated.

Leading the Globacom delegation, Niyi Odejobi affirmed the company’s commitment to enhancing Osun State’s growth and development.

Odejobi outlined plans to deploy advanced internet and digital infrastructure to boost governance and business activities within the state. He assured that this strategic partnership would be transformative for Osun State, marking a significant step forward in the region’s digital and economic landscape.

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