Fubara Welcomes Ijaw Youth Council’s Solidarity, Celebrates Liberation and Unity

By Olaide Ajibola, JKNMedia Reporter

RIVERS STATE Governor Siminalayi Fubara has expressed his delight at the support from the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), urging the Ijaw Nation to embrace the ongoing celebration of the state’s liberation.

Fubara made these remarks while addressing the national and state leadership of the IYC, who conducted a solidarity walk to Government House in Port Harcourt on Thursday.

The solidarity walk was part of activities commemorating the heroic exploits of the late Major Isaac Adaka Boro, observed annually on May 16, marking 56 years since his death.

Fubara praised Major Boro for his unwavering commitment to equity, justice, and fair play, noting that Boro’s efforts were instrumental in the liberation of the Ijaw people.

He emphasized that every true Rivers citizen, regardless of being Ijaw or upland, shares the spirit of liberation and expressed his pleasure at receiving the IYC leaders on this significant day, reinforcing their common purpose of continuing the liberation efforts.

Addressing the large crowd, Fubara acknowledged their commitment to support him whenever needed but assured them that the enemies of the state have already been defeated, ensuring peace and stability. “Because he stood for that unique thing, even after his death, we still celebrate him because he was a liberator,” said Fubara. “Every genuine Rivers man must be a liberator. We are not going back on that.”

The governor expressed confidence in the solidarity of the Ijaw youths, assuring them that their support is crucial but not immediately necessary as the state enjoys victory over political adversaries. “What they thought they would have done to us while we were celebrating our one year in office, they are the ones sleeping with their two eyes open,” he said, highlighting the resilient spirit of the Ijaw people.

He urged them to maintain peace while celebrating Major Isaac Adaka Boro Day and to represent the Ijaw Nation with dignity. The governor also promised to support the IYC Eastern Zone in establishing a befitting Secretariat in Rivers State.

In his address, IYC National President Jonathan Lokpobiri described the day as historic, marking the Ijaw people’s solidarity with their governor on Major Isaac Adaka Boro Day, affirming the divine support for Fubara and cautioned detractors to allow the governor to fulfill his mandate to the people of Rivers State.

Lokpobiri commended the governor for his bravery, commitment to good governance, and the resonance of his struggle and triumph with the aspirations of the Ijaw people.

Eastern Zone Chairman, Mr. Tamuno Kpokpo, clarified that their visit signified support for the state’s continuous development rather than ethnic conflict, giving assurance that the IYC would resist any attempts to disrupt governance in Rivers State and urged for the governor to be allowed to govern peacefully.

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