TWO MEN @The Epicenter of Group Isolation

By E-ben Anorue

SOSME (pronounced Sos-i-meh)Sosme hated injustice with a passion

ON HIS PART, he once tried to defend a group of people by picking a quarrel with their oppressors (persecutors, intimidators, bully). This almost landed him a jail term (prison, detention center) with the attendant risk of being assassinated (gunned down).  

Knowing that his life was in danger was awful enough but how about the intended beneficiaries being the very people colluding with security investigators to try to apprehend him, and bring him to face charges?

With no other option left, Sosme went underground (hiding) and subsequently went into exile.

Many years passed and a man of means approached Sosme to relocate and play the role of a leading social activist in the defence and upliftment of the people. Reluctance, refusal, apathy, nonchalance are the words that best capture the attitude and response of the once vibrant Sosme.

The anonymous top-shot had this to say:

“It is interesting how what you (Sosme) were wired for, eluded you in your previous years because you were not appreciated, or applauded by the very people you did if for, but later in life, circumstances have presented again the same moment to you and you are reluctant to accept the role because you felt threatened initially, you feel inadequate, unqualified or seeing this as an enormous (or unattainable) task.”

More assurances were given before Sosme accepted the new offer to become the leader of the people he had previously tried to liberate.


BLACE AND his party pursued a mining deal for nearly two months for the RAELs Group (R-G), the entity that employed them.

The search ended in a brawl with the majority of them feeling their time had been wasted.

Blace appealed for calm from his guys and tried to persuade the stakeholders on what could be done about all the obstacles confronting them, plus making them realize the immeasurable and unquantifiable amount of resource that remain buried and untapped. He believed this could take the company’s fortune to soaring proportions. Reminding the group of previous deals and how they were able to surmount the challenges that arose at the time, which were only short-term based inconveniences.

Unfortunately, his pleas fell on deaf years. The majority of the search party that spoke first had already painted a gloomy picture and so, many of the investors would not commit to it.

The activities of the R-G folded up after sometime and many of its working staff found their way into other engagements. Active operations only began to pick up after three plus decades at which time Blace was already in his seventies.  

Unlike many of his peers who in that age bracket were either medically unfit and unstable, or had retired from anything tasking, Blace still exhibited a lot of energy.

As a new mandate was drawn up for the same group to renew operations, Blace approached the new field manager, Seaho Nuna, and showed him copies of the plan he drew up many years before then and the targeted possibilities. Nuna was so excited and gave Blace the approval to action his plan.

It was a dream come true for an elderly and vigorous Blace who within a period of 8 months had opened up the area for mining of solid minerals as well as the proposal for construction of an educational institution for training of manpower and capacity building.

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