Oyo Mandates Hackney Permits, Launches Crackdown on Unauthorized Stickers

By Jemimah Wellington, JKNMedia Reporter

THE OYO State Road Traffic Management Authority (OYRTMA) has announced new regulations requiring tricycle operators to obtain hackney permits and revenue tickets to continue their operations within the state.

This directive was issued by the OYRTMA chairman, Major Adesagba Adekoya (rtd), during a press briefing in Ibadan on Thursday.

Chairman Adekoya emphasized the importance of these permits, highlighting that tricycle riders who decorate their windscreens with unauthorized stickers will face strict penalties.

He pointed out that such stickers can obstruct the driver’s view, significantly increasing the risk of road accidents.

“Ensuring the safety of lives and property is a collective responsibility of all stakeholders and road users,” Major Adekoya stated, underscoring the rationale behind the new regulation.

In conjunction with this mandate, Major Adekoya announced the launch of “Operation Stop and Remove Stickers On Tricycle Windscreen.”

This special enforcement initiative will commence on Monday, May 20th, with OYRTMA commanders instructed to deploy their personnel extensively to ensure compliance.

Additionally, Major Adekoya addressed the issue of roadside automobile mechanics operating in unauthorized locations.

He specifically ordered those working around Aliwo Road and the setback of the water reservoir at Agodi Gate in Ibadan to cease their activities immediately and vacate the premises.

The chairman criticized the mechanics for creating safety hazards and causing environmental degradation in the area adding that the enforcement of these new measures is part of OYRTMA’s broader efforts to enhance road safety and maintain environmental standards across Oyo State.

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