Marwa Urges Military School Cadets to Uphold Discipline and Patriotism

By Joke Kujenya

NIGERIAN MILITARY School (NMS) cadets have been urged to embrace and emphasize the importance of discipline, hard work, loyalty, and patriotism in the discharge of their services to the nation.

Brig Gen Mohamed Buba Marwa (Retd), Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), addressed of the during the 70th Foundation Day parade.

Speaking as the special guest of honor and reviewing officer, Marwa highlighted the role of the NMS in shaping future leaders, urging students to see the education they receive as a foundation for their future endeavors. He also cautioned against substance abuse, noting that it only creates more problems rather than solving them. Marwa encouraged the cadets to embrace a drug-free life, focusing on positive and healthy habits to achieve their goals.

Addressing the graduating Class 6 Boys, Marwa said, “The quality of education and solid foundation you have acquired in this prestigious institution is enough to serve as a springboard for your future endeavors. Therefore, discipline, hard work, loyalty, and patriotism should always be your watchwords and should guide your actions. I wish you all the best in your ongoing external examinations.”

Marwa also spoke to the younger cadets, reminding them to maintain the high level of discipline for which NMS is known. He praised the commandant’s resolute stance on indiscipline and urged the boys to make wise choices regarding their future, particularly by avoiding drugs.

Reflecting on his own time at the school, Marwa recalled marching on the same parade ground from 1966 to 1970 and serving as one of the stick orderlies during the foundation day parade in 1966. He expressed his honor in returning as the reviewing officer 54 years after his graduation.

Marwa proposed considering automatic admission for graduating NMS boys into the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), a move he believes will further support the development of future leaders. He lauded the school’s contributions to national development and its enduring legacy since its establishment in 1954.

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