Beneficiaries Exceed 110,000 as Delta State Expands D-CARES Programme

By Jemimah Wellington, JKNMedia Reporter

THE NUMBER of beneficiaries under the Delta COVID-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus (D-CARES) Programme has significantly increased from 36,353 to 110,841 as disclosed by the Delta State Governor Sheriff Oborevwori.

He said this remarkable expansion represents a growth of approximately 205 percent.

Oborevwori announced this development during a town hall meeting with beneficiaries at Unity Hall, Government House, Asaba where he expressed his satisfaction with the positive testimonials and the tangible impact of the D-CARES initiatives on the lives of Delta residents.

“Upon assuming office, and guided by the MORE Agenda, we implemented a comprehensive blueprint to enhance opportunities for all Deltans, regardless of their socio-economic status. I authorized the disbursement of funds to bolster the D-CARES scheme across various platforms. Witnessing the joy and improved livelihoods of 110,841 beneficiaries within just ten months is truly gratifying,” Oborevwori stated.

He also commended the D-CARES team for their dedication and urged them to continue their efforts.

“The economic challenges in our country necessitate mutual support. I encourage the D-CARES team to reach out to more Deltans and businesses to foster economic stability,” he added while he also congratulated the beneficiaries, encouraging them to leverage the opportunity to achieve economic independence.

Hon. Sonny Ekedayen, Commissioner for Economic Planning and Chairman of the State CARES Steering Committee, highlighted the programme’s growth initially supporting 36,353 beneficiaries, he said the number has surged by 74,488 in the last ten months, totaling 110,841.

This increase he said underscored Oborevwori’s commitment to uplifting the state’s underprivileged and vulnerable populations, as emphasized in his MORE Agenda.

Ekedayen explained that the D-CARES programme focuses on three primary areas: enhancing social transfers, basic services, and livelihood support for vulnerable households; boosting food security and ensuring the smooth operation of food supply chains; and supporting the recovery and growth of micro and small-scale enterprises.

Lady (Dr.) Patience Ogbewe, Secretary of the State CARES Steering Committee and State Coordinator of Delta CARES Programme, described the initiative as a crucial intervention for the state’s most vulnerable, adding that while the immediate threat of COVID-19 has subsided, the pandemic’s economic repercussions, including inflation and unemployment, persist.

Dr. Ogbewe emphasized the holistic approach of the D-CARES programme, addressing economic opportunities, healthcare, education, water, sanitation, and food security for the vulnerable population. She expressed gratitude to Oborevwori for his steadfast support, which has been instrumental in the programme’s success.

Oborevwori said the town hall meeting underscored the programme’s achievements and provided a platform for further engagement and feedback from the beneficiaries, ensuring that D-CARES continues to adapt and respond to the needs of Delta State’s most vulnerable communities.  

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