FG Sets January 2025 for National Sports Festival in Ogun State

By Jemimah Wellington, JKNMedia Reporter

JANUARY 2025 has been officially designated for the 22nd edition of the National Sports Festival, known as the “Gateway Games, Ogun 2024” by the Federal Government.

This decision was announced following the inaugural meeting of the National Council on Sports held at the Old Government Lodge on Abakaliki Road in Enugu, Enugu State.

Minister of Sports Development, Senator John Owan Enoh, praised Ogun State’s administration for its dedication to hosting the festival successfully.

Senator Enoh highlighted the significance of the National Sports Festival in fostering national unity and contributing to socio-economic growth, which supports sustainable development both locally and nationally.

He also encouraged both federal and state governments to actively seek opportunities to host national and international sports events to further advance the nation’s sports sector.

The minister called on all stakeholders to actively participate in the successful organization of the Gateway Games and emphasized the Council of Sports’ endorsement of the National Sports Development and Investment Fund (NSIDF), which is expected to drive sports development in Nigeria through its numerous benefits.

During a post-meeting interview, Ogun State’s Commissioner for Sports Development, Hon. Wasiu Isiaka, confirmed the state’s readiness to host the National Sports Festival.

He stressed the festival’s potential to unite people, promote teamwork and cooperation, and instill values of discipline and perseverance, particularly among the state’s youth.

Hon. Isiaka stressed the importance of targeted funding and incentives for grassroots sports development and the sustainability of sports programmes as he articulated that through sports, communities can build connections and celebrate shared values, aligning with the Governor’s “Building Our Future Together” agenda to enhance grassroots sports development.

“We have the chance to unite, create bonds, and celebrate our common humanity through sports. This aligns perfectly with our governor’s vision of developing sports at the grassroots level,” Hon. Isiaka stated.

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