Reinstatement Ceremony: Sanusi II Returns as Emir of Kano

By Joke Kujenya

MARKING HIS return to a position of cultural and historical prominence within the ancient city of Kano in a ceremony marked by tradition and significance, Muhammadu Sanusi II was reinstated as the Emir of the ancient city.

The reinstatement, a culmination of legal and political maneuvers, was formalized as Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf presented Sanusi with his reappointment letter, signifying his return to the esteemed role.

The event, held at the Government House in Kano, was a symbolic moment for both Sanusi and the people of Kano, underscoring the resilience and enduring legacy of the emirate.

Despite legal challenges and past political upheavals, Sanusi’s reinstatement emerged as a testament to the enduring reverence and support he commands among the populace.

Yusuf, in his address during the ceremony, emphasized the meticulous process that led to Sanusi’s reinstatement, highlighting the extensive consultations with key stakeholders, including the Emirate Council’s kingmakers.

He expressed confidence in Sanusi’s ability to leverage his experience and intellect for the betterment of the emirate, echoing sentiments of unity and progress.

The journey to Sanusi’s reinstatement was fraught with political tensions and legal battles, dating back to his dethronement four years ago.

A fallout with the former governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, led to a series of legislative moves aimed at diminishing Sanusi’s influence within the emirate.

However, the recent dissolution of the newly created emirate councils, coupled with the passage of the Kano State Emirate Council Repeal Bill 2024, provided the legal framework for Sanusi’s return.

The reinstatement ceremony also served as a platform for Yusuf to address recent legal developments, notably a Federal High Court order seeking to halt Sanusi’s reinstatement.

Despite the court’s intervention, Yusuf reaffirmed the legitimacy of the reinstatement process, citing adherence to due process and the will of the people.

He notes that as Sanusi assumes his role as the 16th Emir of Kano, he faces the task of uniting the emirate and fostering harmony among its diverse communities.

Yusuf also states that the reinstatement represents not only a personal triumph but also a reaffirmation of Kano’s cultural heritage and traditions.

In his words, Yusuf adds that the return of Sanusi marks a new chapter for the emirate, characterized by peace, prosperity, and collective progress.

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