NBA Commends Fubara’s Leadership and Infrastructure Achievements in Rivers State

By Helen Okechukwu, JKNMedia Reporter

FOR ITS remarkable achievements in governance, peace restoration, infrastructure development, and economic prosperity in Rivers State, the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has commneded Governor Siminalayi Fubara’s administration.

Their commendation came during a visit by a delegation of NBA branch chairmen and secretaries to the Government House in Port Harcourt on Tuesday night.

Led by Viktor Ibim Benibo, Chairman of the Port Harcourt Branch of the NBA, the delegation engaged in a closed-door session with Fubara.

After the meeting, Benibo spoke to newsmen, expressing the NBA’s admiration for the peace and economic growth experienced in Rivers State since Fubara took office.

“The leadership of NBA branches across the state was inspired to visit due to the remarkable peace and economic prosperity achieved in such a short period,” Benibo said.

He attributed this success to Fubara’s peaceful demeanor, maturity, and wisdom, which have fostered unity and progress across the state.

Benibo highlighted that under Fubara’s leadership, key economic players and service providers have regained confidence.

The governor’s effective management of the political crisis that erupted seven months ago has led to substantial benefits for the people, including significant infrastructure projects like the Port Harcourt Ring Road and the Trans-Kalabari Road.

“We are encouraged by the governor’s peaceful disposition and the tangible improvements seen within this short time,” Benibo continued.

“These massive projects, which many past administrations neglected, are now being brought to fruition, benefiting the masses.”

Benibo also emphasized that the NBA’s visit was apolitical, aimed solely at appreciating the governor’s achievements. He noted that the 57th-anniversary celebration of Rivers State showcased a remarkable display of unity, with many previously alienated leaders coming together in support of the administration.

“This newfound sense of brotherhood and purpose is erasing the politics of bitterness that once plagued the state,” Benibo remarked. “The unity we observed at the State Banquet signifies a stronger political and economic future for Rivers State.”

Reflecting on the NBA’s non-partisan stance, Benibo reiterated, “We are here to encourage our performing governor to continue providing exemplary leadership and good governance. As lawyers, our duty is to speak the truth, and we see the positive impact Governor Fubara is making in our state.”

The visit concluded with a strong endorsement from the NBA delegation, encouraging Governor Fubara to persist in his efforts to lead Rivers State towards continued peace, development, and prosperity.

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