Thailand Lauds NDLEA for Milestone Progress in Drug Enforcement

By Jemimah Oriogun, JKNMedia Reporter

FOR ITS relentless efforts in combating substance abuse and illicit drug trafficking, significantly improving Nigeria’s international image, Thailand has lauded Nigeria’s National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

During a courtesy visit to NDLEA Chairman Brig. Gen. Mohamed Buba Marwa (Retd), the Charge d’Affaires and Deputy Head of Mission of the Royal Thai Embassy, Mr. Kriwat Pharmorabuta, commended the agency’s impactful work.

Accompanied by Counsellor Mr. Perapol Berananda, Pharmorabuta highlighted the dramatic decrease in Nigerian prisoners in Thai jails as evidence of NDLEA’s effectiveness.

“Previously, there were about 800 Nigerian prisoners in Thailand, but now the number has dropped below 200,” Pharmorabuta noted, attributing the decrease to NDLEA’s stringent measures, Pharmorabuta noted.

Pharmorabuta expressed his delight, stating, “As a diplomat in Nigeria, I love this country as my second home. Hearing such positive news makes me very happy.”

He also emphasized the crucial role of NDLEA’s visa clearance process in the Thai Embassy’s visa issuance. “The government of Thailand places significant importance on NDLEA’s certificate before issuing visas to Nigerians. A valid NDLEA certificate provides a 90-95% assurance for obtaining a Thai visa,” he explained.

The Thai envoy reaffirmed his commitment to strengthening the bilateral relationship between Nigeria and Thailand. He pledged to enhance collaboration between NDLEA and Thai counterparts and to support NDLEA through training and scholarships for its personnel.

Responding to the commendations, Marwa expressed his enthusiasm for the ongoing partnership. He highlighted the NDLEA’s recent initiatives, such as the creation of the Alternative Development Unit aimed at redirecting cannabis growers towards legitimate agriculture like rice, sugarcane, and cocoa.

“We are keen to learn from Thailand’s expertise in alternative development. Your support in training and scholarships will be invaluable to us,” Marwa stated, adding that the meeting underscored the shared commitment to eradicating drug trafficking and promoting sustainable development, marking a significant step forward in Nigeria-Thailand relations.

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