International Children’s Day: Union Bank of Nigeria Celebrates with Barnyard Fiesta

By Joke Kujenya

HOLDING A bubbly ceremony in its multi-purpose sports complex, the Union Bank of Nigeria marked this year’s International Children’s Day with a lively Barnyard Fiesta.

The event took place on Saturday, May 25th, 2024, providing a fun-filled day for children of various ages at the Stable, on Bode Thomas, Surulere.

Tagged the Barnyard Fiesta, it was packed with exciting activities including video games, face painting, dancing, and singing contests having as its highlight, a talent show that exhibited the creativity and skills of the young attendees, much to the delight of the gathered crowd.

Parents and other fun-seekers joined in the celebration, along with several senior executives from Union Bank. Notably, Yetunde Oni, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, was present to cheer on the children and interact with them during the festivities.

On the sidelines of the event, Yetunde Oni reaffirmed Union Bank’s dedication to supporting and empowering Nigerian children. “As a responsible corporate organization, we recognize our obligations to support the next generation of Nigerian youths.

Our current set of intelligent and talented children represent the future, and we are committed to helping them achieve their full potential through sustainable positive engagement. And our ultimate goal is to be lifelong partners in facilitating success for our future great Nigerian citizens and to advocate for positive growth in our communities,” Oni said.

A release issued on the event notes that the Union Bank has a long-standing history of championing children’s rights in Nigeria through various initiatives such as the Edu360 education platform, the Awarri Innovation programme, and a range of products and services designed to equip children with essential knowledge, skills, and tools for success in the global environment.

The release further states that since its establishment in 1917 and its listing on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 1971, Union Bank of Nigeria Plc has become one of Nigeria’s most respected financial institutions.

It also notes that with an extensive network of over 300 branches nationwide, the Bank offers a wide range of services to both individual and corporate clients, including current, savings, and deposit accounts, funds transfer, foreign currency domiciliation, loans, overdrafts, equipment leasing, and trade finance.

Additionally, the Union Bank is acclaimed to be providing convenient electronic banking options such as online banking, mobile banking, debit cards, ATMs, and POS systems which any of its numerous customers can access via their website or contact

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