The Encroacher

By E-ben Anorue

ENCROACHMENT CAN be very daring and for those who know the implications, the best thing is to stand up to it.

Two sections within a particular establishment experienced conflict of interest – the Template Department (TD) and the Ethics and Rules Department (ERD). The TD proposes the designs for the company’s projects as well as supervises execution once approved. The ERD regularizes the conduct of the staff as well as every operation through the company’s statute books. Boss Aza heads the TD while Hari Uzo presides over the ERD.

The aggressiveness of the head of the ERD is seen as an irritation by his counterpart in the TD and the following statements reflects their views as they anticipate what they would do if he extends his domineering tendencies into their space.

“This fellow is suddenly becoming something else. Who does he think he is? Retorted Mr. Boss Aza as he reasoned with his colleagues.

“Many of us knew how he started. It was gradual. He was likable as a person and displayed a demeanor that endeared a lot of people to him. He even won the admiration of so many who came from far to identify with him because of his sterling qualities. Another member known as Makan remarked.

“Where then did he import this recent behaviour from? Is it on account of the many achievements he’s got? Another member known as Hundogan added.

Finally, Boss Aza stood up and said:

“He now talks anyhow, looks down on people, ignores feedback from those genuinely concerned about him. Everything now is about his ego. Once you do not pander to his selfish desires, he messes or derides you.

“Well, let’s make this clear. We in the (Template) department will not watch you in the Ethics and Rules Section teach us our job. Yes, you can suggest but you cannot overrule us.

We won’t allow that here and if he tries like he did elsewhere, we’ll give it back to him and checkmate his excesses. On this matter, there is no price tag attached, no matter who the price bidder is. Not under our watch”





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