Tinubu Pledges Enhanced Support for Armed Forces at DIA Headquarters Commissioning

By Joke Kujenya

REAFFIRMING his administration’s unwavering commitment to the welfare and operational effectiveness of Nigeria’s armed forces and intelligence agencies, President Bola Tinubu has expressed a no-looking back during the commissioning of the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) headquarters in Abuja on Thursday.

Speaking at the event, President Tinubu, represented by Senate President Godswill Akpabio, assured the military of continued support in areas critical to their productivity and mission success.

“I assure you, along with the entire armed forces of Nigeria, that I will sustain the provision of welfare, training, and other administrative and logistics requirements to enhance your productivity and enable you to carry out your mandate,” Tinubu stated.

The president highlighted the significance of a well-equipped and conducive intelligence environment for enhancing intelligence gathering, processing, and dissemination.

“A conducive and well-equipped intelligence outfit will positively impact the overall intelligence efforts, ensuring timely and effective responses to security challenges,” he added.

Commending the leadership of the DIA, both past and present, Tinubu acknowledged their dedication to completing the headquarters project. “Let me commend the leadership of the DIA for conceiving and completing this magnificent edifice. It is my sincere belief that this office structure will foster innovations and creativity in intelligence gathering, keeping Nigeria ahead of its foes and ensuring the safety of our country and people.”

Reflecting on his tenure, Tinubu emphasized the priority placed on national security. “Since I assumed the leadership of our great nation a year ago, securing every inch of our country has been a top priority. I am delighted to inaugurate the headquarters of the DIA, a key agency in our security architecture that provides essential intelligence to our armed forces and the Ministry of Defence,” he noted.

The president addressed the multifaceted security challenges facing Nigeria, from physical threats to economic and digital threats. “Our country faces myriad security challenges across the six geopolitical zones. We must contend with physical threats, economic disruptions, and digital threats. Criminals, terrorists, and cyber bandits exploit technological advances to undermine our nation,” he explained.

Highlighting the government’s comprehensive approach to security, Tinubu stated, “Security tops the 8-point agenda of our administration. We deploy our armed forces in all 36 states to assist civil authorities in combating physical threats. In the digital realm, we rely on our intelligence agencies to counter cyber threats using advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence.”

He praised the resilience and dedication of Nigeria’s military personnel. “Our adversaries may hope that our commitment will wane, but they underestimate the indomitable spirit of Nigerians. The armed forces have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to serving our nation, and I have no doubt that you will continue to uphold this sacred duty.”

Earlier, the Director of the Defence Intelligence Agency, General Emmanuel Undiandeye, expressed gratitude for President Tinubu’s support. “Thank you, Mr. President, for your unwavering support and recognition of the importance of intelligence in national security. Your leadership and vision have guided us to this pivotal moment, and for that, we are deeply grateful.”

General Undiandeye pledged the continued loyalty and support of the armed forces to the president’s leadership and the realization of his Renewed Hope Agenda for Nigerians. “This building symbolizes our collective determination to protect and defend our nation. We are committed to providing timely and actionable intelligence to support all operations and achieve the lofty goals set for our nation,” he affirmed.

The commissioning ceremony concluded with a reaffirmation of the armed forces’ dedication to maintaining a secure and prosperous Nigeria.

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