UAE Extends Support to Chad Under The Emirates’ Red Crescent

By Zahur Youssef

SINCE ITS opening last April, more than 9,000 patients have been received by the Emirates Field Hospital in Abéché, Chad.

The integrated Emirates Field Hospital in Abéché, Chad, which provides medical care and treatment services to Sudanese refugees, has received more than 9,000 patients since its opening on April 8th.

The establishment of the field hospital is part of the support provided by the UAE to the Sudanese people affected by the difficult conditions caused by the conflict in Sudan since early April 2023.

It also supports Chad’s efforts in responding to the humanitarian situation and mitigating the impact of the large influx of Sudanese refugees into its territory.

The hospital, which cost over $20 million, includes departments for paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, orthopaedics, general surgery, and internal medicine.

It also features an operating room, emergency medicine, a laboratory, a pharmacy, and various radiology departments. Additionally, the facility includes 10 ICU beds and 50 inpatient beds, among other medical specialties.

The hospital is staffed by 22 doctors and 92 nurses, along with 12 medical support staff and 41 non-medical support workers.

The UAE continues to implement numerous initiatives in humanitarian, relief, and developmental fields to provide essential needs for Sudanese refugees in Chad as well as for their host communities.

These include the Emirates Field Hospital in Am-Djarass, the rehabilitation and maintenance of schools, the drilling of wells, the distribution of food aid, and the lighting of roads and markets. Additionally, a coordination office for aid has been opened in Chad.

It is noteworthy that the UAE has provided approximately $467 million in aid to the friendly Republic of Chad over the past five years, including about $100 million to support the refugees that Chad has received and provided assistance to.

 Zahur Youssef contributes this piece from Egypt

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