DEADLOCK as NASS-Labour Talks Fail: Labour Unions Declare Strike to Proceed

By Joke Kujenya

AFTER FOUR hours of deliberation, the meeting convened between the National Assembly, the Executive Arm of Government, and Organized Labour has concluded without reaching a resolution.

The gathering, spearheaded by the National Assembly leadership, aimed to forestall the impending national strike proposed by the labour unions due to the unresolved issue of minimum wage for workers.

In a post-meeting statement, Festus Osifo, President of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), emphasized the lack of authority to unilaterally halt the strike, citing the need for consultation with relevant bodies before a final decision can be made.

Despite appeals from the Senate President to reconsider the strike, Osifo asserted the necessity of consulting with their constituencies before any action is taken.

The National Assembly leadership acknowledged the gravity of the situation, recognizing the importance of addressing the minimum wage issue to prevent disenfranchisement of civil servants.

However, they encountered resistance from the labour leadership, who insisted on consulting with their respective organs before making any concessions.

While expressing gratitude for the National Assembly’s intervention and support from concerned Nigerians, the labour leaders affirmed their commitment to democratic decision-making within their organizations.

As a result of the deadlock, the anticipated industrial strike is set to commence within hours, pending further consultations and deliberations among the labour unions’ constituents.

Comrade Festus Osifo’s unwavering stance during the meeting underscored the collective resolve of labour leaders to prioritize the interests of their members and uphold democratic principles in decision-making processes.

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