FG Appeals to Labour to End Strike Over Demands, LASUTH Services Disrupted

By Joke Kujenya

LEADERS OF the organized labour unions have been called upon by the Federal Government to halt its ongoing strike, citing the impracticality of funding the new minimum wage demand of N454,000.

This appeal was made public through a statement issued by the Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris.  

Highlighting the government’s position, Idris noted that the requested wage represents a staggering 1,547 percent increase over the current rate, a demand he described as unrealistic.

The statement emphasized the government’s sincere appeal to Labour Unions to resume negotiations within the established Tripartite Committee, tasked with developing a feasible new minimum wage.

“We are committed to achieving a peaceful resolution,” Idris stated. “Our efforts will continue to facilitate dialogue. The leadership of the National Assembly met with the unions yesterday, and we have extended another invitation for further discussions.”

Idris stressed the government’s willingness to engage in ongoing negotiations on behalf of the Nigerian populace. “We are not adversaries in these discussions. Our common goal is the welfare of Nigeria and its 200 million citizens. We must find a balanced, realistic solution for a new minimum wage.”

He reminded stakeholders that any new wage policy would apply to both public and private sectors, which necessitates a comprehensive approach to negotiations. The minister elaborated on the financial implications of Labour’s proposal, stating that a 1,547 percent wage increase would result in an annual bill of N9.5 trillion for the federal government alone, excluding the burdens on state governments and private enterprises.

Such an increase, he warned, could devastate the economy and lead to significant job losses, particularly in the private sector.

Meanwhile, the government has highlighted other initiatives aimed at alleviating economic pressures, such as the National Consumer Credit Scheme and the Nigerian Education Loan Fund (NELFUND), which are intended to provide broader financial relief beyond wage increases.

Idris emphasized President Bola Tinubu’s dedication to reaching a fair, sustainable outcome in the minimum wage negotiations and urged Labour Unions to act in the nation’s best interest.

Amidst the ongoing strike, Labour union members have enforced the shutdown of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), maintaining only emergency services.

A union representative conveyed their decision: “Our national body directed us to strike, and our members have supported this. Despite our reluctance to strike due to the critical nature of our work, we find ourselves with no choice.”

The strike, announced by organized Labour on May 31, follows the FG’s refusal to increase the proposed minimum wage from N60,000 as the impact of this industrial action continues to be felt across the nation, with significant disruptions in various sectors.

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