Student’s Death: ACU Promises Reform as It Reels in Tragedy

By Joke Kujenya

STILL REELING from the devastating loss of Prince Alex Timileyin, a bright young student at Ajayi Crowther University, the campus authorities reveal they are yet to recover from the plunge of the unfortunate incident.

Authorities said since the campus had been thrown into mourning, the situation has ignited a fervent call for justice and reform.

Timileyin’s tragic demise came as the result of a brutal assault within the confines of Shepherd Inn, a hostel on campus, that sent shockwaves through the university community, prompting soul-searching conversations about safety and accountability, according to Ajayi Crowther University’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Timothy Adebayo.

The incident had unfolded during an evening fraught with tension, as allegations of theft spiraled into a horrifying act of violence.

Timileyin, a second-year Mechanical Engineering student, found himself at the center of what appears to be a case of mob justice, enduring a harrowing assault that spanned from Friday evening until Saturday morning, according to other media reports.

In the wake of this senseless tragedy, twenty-five students, ranging in age from 18 to 34, have been formally charged in connection with Timileyin’s death.

Their arraignment in the Chief Magistrate Court emphasizes the gravity of the situation, as the wheels of justice slowly turn to address the profound loss suffered by Timileyin’s loved ones and the wider university community.

A relative of the victim, who is also an activist called ‘Lord of Warri,’ the pursuit of justice has become a rallying cry while expressing gratitude for the efforts of the Oyo State Government and law enforcement, stating that he remains steadfast in the demand for accountability and swift action.

Responding to the crisis, Ajayi Crowther University’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Timothy Adebayo, on the institution’s X handle, vowed to usher in a new era of vigilance and safety on campus.

In an emotional address to the media, Prof. Adebayo announced a three-day period of mourning, coupled with fasting and prayer, as the university grapples with the weight of Timileyin’s untimely passing.

With a steely resolve, Prof. Adebayo also affirmed the institution’s unwavering commitment to combat cultism and bullying, declaring a zero-tolerance policy for such behaviour.

Also in a bid to fortify campus security and foster a culture of accountability, he discloses that Ajayi Crowther University is implementing stringent measures and encouraging students to remain vigilant.

As the names of those charged serve as a sobering reminder of the tragedy that has befallen the university, the road ahead is fraught with challenges, the VC notes, affirming that yet, in the face of adversity, Ajayi Crowther University stands united in its pursuit of justice and reform. 

Thereafter, names of 25 students found culpable were released

  • Kumolu Opeyemi Daniel (21)
  • Oluwole Olanshile Thompson (25)
  • Lawal Victor Tomilola (23)
  • Omolakin Oluwatomiwa Anthony (24)
  • Folorunsho Oluwakunmi (21)
  • Bolarinwa Oloruntoyinbo Victor (20)
  • Oladoye Femi Ola (34)
  • Kehinde Olasusuyi Martins (32)
  • Okorie Samuel (20)
  • Mustapha Khalid (23)
  • Mustapha Usman Segun (19)
  • Adeniran Yusuf (20)
  • Oloyede Femi (18)
  • Areye Joseph Aduragbemi (19)
  • Oyelakin Tyanuoluwatomiwa (18)
  • Olalekan Obaloluwa (20)
  • Adejumobi Emmanuel (18)
  • Daudu John Oluwaseun (18)
  • Gana Solomon (21)
  • Moses Abiola (20)
  • Tijani Hammad (21)
  • Omon-Fumen Jenkins (21)
  • Okay-Aroh Gerald (20)
  • Kolawole David (22)
  • Afesojaye Emmanuel (18)

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