Ojude Oba Festival Receives Continued Backing from Globacom for 18th Year

By Blessing Obam, JKNMedia Reporter

DIGITAL SOLUTIONS giant Globacom has reaffirmed its longstanding support for the celebrated Ojude Oba festival, continuing a tradition that began 18 years ago at a pre-event press conference held at the Awujale’s Palace in Ijebu Ode.

Mr. Kazeem Kaka, representing Globacom, stressed the company’s dedication to preserving Nigeria’s cultural heritage, saying “Our sponsorship of festivals is aimed at identifying with the cultures and traditions of the Nigerian people, as an indigenous brand. Our involvement in the celebration of the Ojude Oba festival is therefore geared towards promoting the unique tradition and custom of the Ijebu people.”

Kaka notes that Globacom’s sustained collaboration with the festival organizers shows its commitment to Nigeria’s cultural legacy. “We believe that our continued support for Ojude Oba will further strengthen the festival and entrench it as a world-class carnival which will attract even more tourists from across the world. We are convinced that this partnership will further foster a symbiotic relationship with immense benefits for both Globacom and Ijebuland,” he added.

Chief Olu Okuboyejo, Chairman of the Ojude Oba Planning Committee, applauds the company for its unwavering support. “Globacom’s massive support for the celebration serves as a reminder of the historical antecedents of the Ijebu people,” he remarked.

The 2024 edition of the festival, themed “Unity and Harmony in Ijebuland…The Gift of Ojude Oba,” marks the 18th consecutive year of Globacom’s sponsorship. Ojude Oba, held annually two days after the Islamic Eid El-Kabr festival, is a vital social gathering addressing issues affecting the Ijebu community and fostering its development socially, politically, and economically.

Revealing that this year’s festival is scheduled for June 18, 2024, in Ijebu Ode, Kaka emphasized Globacom’s ongoing commitment to supporting such cultural events, noting that the company also sponsors other notable Nigerian festivals, including the Ofala of Onitsha Kingdom.

He also pointed out that these efforts are part of Globacom’s broader mission to enhance tourism and unify the nation through the celebration of its diverse customs and traditions.

The chief also reiterated the significance of the communication company’s role, stating, “Globacom has over the years demonstrated being the largest corporate supporter of traditional and cultural events in the country.”

He adds that the Ojude Oba festival not only celebrates the rich cultural history of the Ijebu people but also serves as a cornerstone for their communal growth which is why, through its sponsorship, Globacom has continued to play a pivotal role in promoting and preserving Nigeria’s cultural heritage.

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