Oborevwori Announces Completion of Okpanam-Ibusa Bypass Set for Inauguration

By Olaide Ajibola, JKNMedia Reporter

TO BE ready for inauguration by the end of June, Delta State Governor Sheriff Oborevwori has announced the near-completion of the newly constructed Okpanam-Ibusa bypass in the Oshimili North Local Government Area during an inspection of the road on Tuesday.

While on the visit, Oborevwori highlighted a significant issue threatening the road’s sustainability: gully erosion and directed the contractor to backfill the side drains to protect the road from further erosion damage.

Accompanied by the Commissioner for Works (Rural and Riverine Roads), Mr. Charles Aniagwu, the governor expressed satisfaction with the progress of the 5.3km road.

“It is good to be here after the successful inauguration of the Emevor-Orogun road, which is very key to the people of Isoko nation. This is the third time I am inspecting this road. We have completed the binding course of 12 meters while the wearing course is 7.5 meters,” he said.

Oborevwori stressed the importance of thorough inspections before inaugurating any road project. “Before I inaugurate any road, I usually go for inspection and I have observed some other threats to this road. You can see the gully erosion here trying to destroy the drain.

“We will look into it and I know that with what I have seen so far, the road is ready for inauguration. It is only the backfilling of the drains that they need to do and I know that before this week runs out, the contractor should be able to finish it. Otherwise, the road is fully completed.”

The governor also highlighted the strategic importance of the bypass.

“Instead of going round to Koka to Ibusa if you are coming from Agbor, this road serves as a shortcut. If you are coming from Warri to Okpanam, you don’t have to go to Koka junction again.

“The road is a good road and it will serve Deltans, not only the people of Ibusa and Okpanam but all Deltans. It is one of the best roads we have done because it is very critical to the economy of the state. By the grace of God, we will inaugurate this road by the end of the month.”

He also notes that the Okpanam-Ibusa bypass is anticipated to significantly enhance transportation efficiency and economic activity in Delta State, providing a vital link for residents and contributing to the state’s infrastructure development.

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