World Day Against Child Labour: Peter Obi Advocates for Their Protection

By Helen Okechukwu

TOWARDS ENSURING that children are not exploited, the former governor of Anambra, Peter Obi, has taken a stand to advocate for child protection against child labour, as the world marks World Day Against Child Labour.

As he celebrated this day, he reminded Nigerians of the importance of protecting the rights of all children and investing in their future, which he described as “a serious societal issue” that needs urgent attention.

Citing statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, it was estimated that 39.2 percent of our children are in child labour and 22.9 percent of children are involved in hazardous work. 

Under the theme: Let’s act on our commitment: End Child Labour!, the 2023 presidential Labour Party candidate underscores the implications of neglecting the need to intervene in stopping child labour in society.

Obi stated, “Investment in the critical areas of development, especially education, and pulling people out of poverty remains the surest way of combating child labour.”

He also acknowledged that Nigeria occupies the top 10 countries with the highest rates of child labour in the world, as he highlighted that 18 million out-of-school children roam across the streets in Nigeria. 

Obi further emphasises that it is time to invest in the children’s future, protect the children from all forms of economic and social exploitation, and uphold their dignity.

“We build the New Nigeria where our children will live, thrive, and fulfil their dreams. A brighter future for our children in a new Nigeria is possible, he proclaimed. 

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