WDD: NDLEA Celebrates Success, Marwa Defends Seizure of Drug Barons’ Assets

By Joke Kujenya

EMPHASIZING THE strategic importance of targeting assets linked to drug crimes, Brig Gen Mohamed Buba Marwa (Rtd), Chairman of the NDLEA, asserts that this initiative, launched in January 2021, has led to multiple arrests and successful prosecutions.

He noted that these convictions highlight the NDLEA’s robust legal approach in combating drug trafficking and related offenses.

He also affirmed the agency’s recent crackdown on drug barons and traffickers as a necessity to curb the evil, stressing its effective role in the ongoing fight against illicit drugs, while addressing journalists in Abuja on Wednesday.

Marwa, speaking through Agency Secretary Mr. Shadrach Haruna, stressed the effectiveness of their forfeiture regime, bolstered by the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA 2022).

He explained that beyond securing convictions, the NDLEA aims to strip convicts of assets derived from illegal activities, reinforcing the message that crime does not pay in Nigeria’s judicial system.

In addition to enforcement efforts, Marwa highlighted the agency’s proactive stance on reducing drug demand through initiatives like the War Against Drug Abuse (WADA).

This nationwide programme has garnered substantial support, engaging various sectors of society to combat drug abuse effectively. Aligning with the 2024 World Drug Day theme, “The Evidence is Clear: Invest in Prevention,” Marwa emphasized the critical role of preventive measures in curbing drug abuse before it takes hold.

Looking ahead, the NDLEA is set to mark World Drug Day with a series of events aimed at raising awareness and fostering community involvement.

Activities planned include religious services, a public walk against drugs, and educational programmes targeting youth in markets and parks across Abuja.

Culminating on June 26 at the State House Conference Centre, stakeholders will convene to unveil new global strategies in the fight against drug trafficking and abuse.

Marwa expressed gratitude to federal and state governments, international partners, and stakeholders for their unwavering support.

He stressed the collaborative effort needed to tackle the escalating challenge of drug abuse, echoing calls from UNODC’s Mr. Danilo Campisi for increased investment in evidence-based preventive measures nationwide.

The NDLEA’s proactive stance stresses its commitment to eradicating drug-related crimes and safeguarding communities across Nigeria, saying that as the international community gears up for World Drug Day, all eyes are on the NDLEA’s continued efforts to combat this pressing global issue.

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